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Hey, I'm Emily.
Huge Gleek, Brittana is endgame, and I will go all Lima Heights if you say otherwise. I admire Heather Morris so much. Love that woman! But then again, who doesn't?
Mostly, I just ship Brittana. You should, too.
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Hi, my name’s Emily and I’m in love with Heather Morris. 


when i heard that the reported title of the first episode was “the new Rachel” i was suddenly filled with rage.

then i remembered Hemo was in the studio, then my heart stopped and i started fangirling all over the place.

Heya is on. Heya will will always be on

  • So is Heather getting married? For sure?

So Heather is supposedly getting married? Wait…what? I can’t hear ou over Naya’s loud sobs.
I don’t care if Heather is married with 6 kids. I will still ship Heya.

I love my best friend. Love you, K. So much.